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12mm Laminate Flooring

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12mm Laminate Flooring


12mm laminate flooring is a relatively new laminate flooring product, but is quickly establishing itself as a firm favourite with many customers, as it offers a good sturdy structure and feels more solid underfoot that some of the thinner laminate floors, giving it the feel of a solid floor. 12mm Laminate flooring can be bought in all the colour options, like oak, maple, birch, walnut, and beech, as you would expect.  Along with the advancement in the manufacturing and printing process, 12mm laminate flooring really does offer customers a viable alternative to solid wooden floors.

The sturdy look and feel of 12mm wood flooring means that is sounds and feels more solid underfoot than many of the thinner boards. 12mm laminate wood is quickly becoming the new norm in laminate flooring. Also, the prices of 12mm laminate flooring have come down over the past while as more and more manufacturers have launched products to compete for the 12mm laminate flooring market and this can only be good for consumers seeking quality and value for money.

So if you are currently searching for laminate flooring then these 12mm laminate floor products are a great place to start.