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Light Oak Laminate Flooring

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Light Oak Laminate Flooring



Laminate flooring is a hard-wearing choice for a wide variety of homes and spaces. Easy-to-clean, it is particularly family-friendly and great in spaces that get busy or see a lot of footfall. Many offices also choose to have oak laminate floor because of the fact it continues to look excellent after many months of usage. Unlike carpet, you won't see muddy footprints, stains, or areas that have been worn down through heavy use.


Versatile usage


This practical flooring solution can be used throughout various buildings, from living rooms to dining rooms, hallways to kitchens, office spaces to reception areas. It is hugely versatile, fuss-free and also very simple to fit. You can transform a room through oak laminate flooring, choosing from a variety of shades to get the exact finish you're after.


High-quality products at affordable prices


At Laminate Wooden Flooring, we're specialists in what we do. Our range of light oak laminate flooring is high-specification and hugely popular. We deliver across the whole of the UK, including Ireland, ensuring customers can have their home or office space of their dreams quickly and easily. On all orders over £399 + VAT, we offer free shipping. This is a great offer to take advantage of, especially when we have such fast delivery times and a huge selection to choose from. If you're unsure what to opt for, you can also take advantage of our free samples. These will help you to get a feel for the type of materials we use, the colour it will look, how it feels to handle, plus what thickness you'll be getting. We often have many light wood laminate flooring offers, which can sometimes be as fantastic as 20% off. This can make a huge difference when you're looking to add oak laminate floor to a wide variety of spaces, and can also ensure this is an affordable choice for your home or office. Additionally, keep an eye out for our flash sales, which run periodically with a discount code. They're certainly one to keep checking in for, as you'll be guaranteed discount on your order.


A popular choice with many benefits


At Laminate Wooden Flooring, we find that oak laminate flooring is by far one of the most popular choices with our customers when they are looking to add new floors to their home or workspace. There is such a wide variety of oak shades available, many practical benefits, plus a real timeless appeal, that adds to its popularity. Laminate flooring has also developed hugely over the years, and thanks to the latest developments in technology, it quite often looks like an authentic wood floor. You'd be hard pushed to tell the difference between the two. This means you can get the same high-quality finish and effect, without the large price tag. When you consider how expensive it can be to add solid oak flooring to your home, you'll soon see just how many benefits you can get from the laminate equivalent. Along with being much more cost-effective, it is also far easier and quicker to install, meaning less downtime and fewer costs in manual labour if you're employing someone to fit the flooring for you. It's also possible for professionals and novices alike to fit laminate, so you may find you opt to do it yourself. Laminate flooring simply requires a click-and-lock fitting system to be implemented, meaning it really couldn't be easier. All it requires is a determined, do-it-yourself enthusiast. Through installing oak laminate floor yourself, you will be able to keep the costs down substantially, while also having the satisfaction of seeing a job well done. Other benefits to oak laminate flooring include the fact it doesn't trap dirt or allergens in the same way as other types of floor can. This can be particularly beneficial if you have young children in the house, you suffer from asthma, have any autoimmune illnesses, or are allergic. It can also help to keep your house feeling fresher for longer, thanks to how quick and easy it is to clean.


Huge selection of colours and styles


Light wood laminating flooring is a popular shade that many opt for, as it helps to lift a room through its soft, bright hue. We have a number of different styles that all change the appearance of oak laminate flooring. From country style to city, mountain grey to urban light, there is a wide variety available. These also vary in thickness, and will be between 6mm and 8mm in depth. This is often reflected in price and the thicker flooring, which is our premium range, will be more expensive. However, this is an investment worth making when selecting long-lasting flooring. If your home or office experiences particularly heavy traffic, you are best opting for a thicker laminate flooring with wear resistance of AC4 Extra Heavy Domestic.


Our support is guaranteed


With all our products we offer a residential warranty, which ranges from 15 to 30 years depending on which laminate flooring you opt for. Ultimately, we are here to help and support you at Laminate Wooden Flooring. If you have any questions or would like to know more about how light oak laminate flooring could work in your home or business, get in touch. Our experts are on hand to guide you through the process and can offer you insight into all the products in our range. They can also recommend which is best for you based on your requirements, usage and space. You will also be able to find out what type of underlay works best, whether the laminate flooring has an adhesive backing, padded backing, or no backing at all, and what type of thickness they are. We can also guide you on the look of the flooring, and arrange for you to see samples.


Doing the maths


Additionally, on each of our product pages, we have an excellent pricing calculator so you can establish exactly how much laminate flooring you need for your space. This ensures you only order what is required and don't find yourself with lots of leftover materials once you're done. It's important to remember that you need underlay. Buying a good quality underlay will help with the lifespan of your flooring and will also act as a layer of insulation to help prevent the laminate flooring from feeling particularly cold during winter months. While it is important to compare different laminate flooring and brands (and we have a comparison tool available on our site), it's important to always opt for whichever offers the greatest durability and lifespan, as you don't want to be replacing it every few years. Additionally, it's about finding which oak laminate flooring works best for your space in terms of design and aesthetics. While it is key to go for something high-quality, it's also best to choose something that you're going to like and that you won't tire of easily. If you can afford it with your budget, don't try to cut corners unnecessarily as it will cost you more in the long run.


Save money, spend less


When you buy more flooring with us, you are also able to save more. The price will reduce depending on the quantity of boxes you order. Therefore, when you're considering shopping with Laminate Wooden Flooring, it's worth considering if there are any other rooms in your house or office that you would like to do at the same time. You will be able to make your money stretch further this way, while also giving your space a fresh new look throughout. We can deliver within seven days, so you'll have your new light oak laminate flooring in next to no time.


Read the reviews


If you're undecided over which oak laminate floor to choose, you can always read the reviews on each product from our many satisfied customers. You will be able to find out about lots of different people's experiences and opinions. You can also do some extra research online if you want, to find out more about how people rate different laminate flooring brands. You'll find we have a huge amount of positive customer feedback, and our team can show you many positive testimonials too. Ultimately though, the choice is yours. You'll find in our free samples, fast delivery, huge selection, competitive prices, and great offers that we have plenty to offer you for an unbeatable service and great quality products.


Get in touch


Contact us now to arrange your free samples, or to find out more about our huge selection of light oak laminate flooring. We have everything you could need for the flooring you're after and can ensure you get the high-quality, durable and fresh finish you're after. Laminate flooring should be built to last and stand the test of time. We won't put anything your way that fades or wears, and you'll see how confident we are in our products with our guarantees. Get in touch now to find out more, and book in your order.