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Grey Laminate Flooring

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Grey Laminate Flooring


If you're considering changing the flooring in your home, finding an option that blends practicality with good looks is a priority. Laminate flooring is a popular choice in many households; not only are there a great range of colours and designs out there, it's also functional, easy to maintain and hard-wearing. Traditionally, laminate has been available in a variety of wood tones, mimicking the appearance of a natural wood floor. A fresh addition to that palette is grey flooring. As tastes change, grey is increasingly the base colour of choice for any room in the house. If you haven't considered grey laminate flooring before, it's time to take a look at the benefits it can bring.

Bring an updated look to your home


When laminate flooring first became widely used in the 1990s, beech or oak options were the go-to choice. These are still appealing choices, but homeowners can sometimes feel that they limit the rest of the room's colour palette and may not look their best when modern lighting (LED or halogen as opposed to old-style tungsten bulbs) is used. Grey is a perfect base colour; with an enormous number of variations on offer, a darker shade will bring warmth and a cosier feel to a larger room, whereas a lighter shade of grey wood laminate flooring will give an illusion of space and airiness to a smaller area.

Versatile grey works well with virtually any colour combination

One of the reasons grey is so popular is because it can form a part of almost any interior design palette. This not only gives plenty of flexibility when it comes to your choice of shades, it also means that if you want to revamp your room at a later date and adopt a different colour scheme, your laminate flooring won't need to be replaced – you could simply build a new look around it. Grey can be used in any room in the home, providing a quiet, calming atmosphere which forms the perfect backdrop for vibrantly coloured accents, or a beautifully relaxed ambience that complements a neutral palette wonderfully well. We provide grey laminate flooring UK wide, offering a huge range of options, all at highly competitive prices.

Grey laminate flooring that suits your individual style

We have teamed up with well-known flooring manufacturers to bring you a great selection of laminate flooring. The designs we offer vary from conventional shades and styling through to funky, on-trend options that add plenty of visual interest to a contemporary look. Why not opt for one of our engaging “driftwood” effect options, or choose one that blends many different shades of grey to create an attractive finished effect? Advanced modern production techniques have resulted in a great diversity in the laminate that is available; no matter what your tastes and design specification might be, we've got something that's right for your home or commercial premises.

Why not take advantage of our sample service?

If you're struggling to decide which laminate option is going to be right for your home, why not use our sample service to help? We are happy to send you a sample of the product you're interested in before you put in a full order. A sample can give you a better idea of what the laminate looks like in real life, as well as show you how it looks in your room. Variables such as room aspect, level of lighting, size, shape and existing palette can all mean that your laminate will look slightly different in your home then it does in a picture. Our sample service allows you to see exactly how the flooring will look in situ, making the decision-making process much easier. In addition, you can't exactly take the floor shopping! Having a sample of laminate readily to hand enables you to easily take it with you when you're looking for paint, furniture or accessories. This ensures you'll end up with items that complement your colour scheme perfectly, without having to rely on memory to make sure you pick products that are the right shade.

We offer an enormous range of grey laminate flooring

When it comes to choosing your grey laminate floor, we offer a great selection of different colours and patterns. This enables you to find one that's exactly right for what you've got in mind. Not only is our laminate available in many shades, we also offer laminate in more than one thickness. Areas of your home where there is heavy traffic (including the hallway, kitchen or living room) will benefit from a thicker laminate that provides the extra durability these areas need. In bedrooms or other areas where use is fairly minimal, a thinner laminate will be perfectly acceptable, as well as being a more economical option.

Look out for the AC rating

To check if the type of laminate flooring you like is suitable for its intended purpose, take a look at the AC rating that's included in the product description. AC3, for example, is suitable for heavy domestic use whereas AC4 is described as suitable for “extra-heavy domestic use”. The AC ratings can help you decide which product is going to provide the level of toughness you need for hard wear. We stock laminate which is appropriate for everything from spaces that only see occasional us right the way through to ultra-tough options that are ideal for busy households with people constantly moving around.

Fast delivery on all our grey wood flooring

One of the problems with managing an interior makeover is making sure that all the materials are available at the right time for the project to progress smoothly. Whether you're having your laminate installed professionally or are going to do the job yourself, there's often a limited time frame to get the work done. We understand how difficult it can be to reschedule should your flooring not arrive when it should, which is why we offer a rapid delivery service. Normally your laminate flooring should be with you in four to five days. Our aim is to keep stock levels high, enabling us to fill large orders quickly, as well as rapidly dispatch smaller volumes of flooring.

Looks great and very practical


Laminate flooring isn't just an attractive addition to your décor, it's also easy to maintain and lasts for years. All our laminate comes with a warranty, that varies depending on the product. Some warranties are for six years, with others extending right up to 35 years. 10, 15 and 25 year warranties are all common. Such longevity means our laminate offers exceptional value. Not only do we keep product prices low, the fact you will end up with a floor covering that lasts (potentially) for decades is a significant benefit. Because the flooring lasts for so long, there's no need to splash out on costly repairs or to get an installation done again in a few years. Once it's been laid, most laminate customers find that their flooring gives them many years of trouble-free use.


Just wipe over to keep clean

Particularly if you suffer from dust or pollen allergies, laminate flooring is a great option. Unlike carpet, where allergens become trapped between the fibres (an old carpet can harbour several times its own weight in dirt and allergens), all you need to do is quickly sweep or vacuum laminate to remove unwanted debris. Most people also apply a laminate cleaner periodically to keep their flooring in a hygienic condition. Resistant to spills and staining, laminate is a clean, hygienic surface that is ideal for kids' bedrooms or other areas where life can be tough for flooring!


Cheap grey laminate flooring works well in any room

Laminate flooring is ideal for those tricky areas which need a hard-wearing floor surface that's also attractive. Hallways, for example, are notoriously difficult to get right when it comes to flooring. Grey laminate offers the perfect combination of good looks and functionality. Because we price our products competitively, you'll be able to transform the floor in any area of your home for a relatively small cost. Cost-effective and long-lasting, laminate has an enormous number of advantages for rooms of any shape or size. Even if you've got a very small room or one that has awkward corners, laminate can still be easily fitted to give a great finished result.


An adaptable flooring solution that offers excellent value

The beauty of grey laminate flooring is that it fits flawlessly into any colour scheme or room. Whether you need flooring for a teen bedroom, a living room, a modern hallway, the nursery or a study, laminate flooring works well. We offer an exceptional selection of laminate that offers great value. Our aim is to provide premium products at discounted prices, without ever compromising on the quality of what you receive. With swift, reasonably priced delivery as standard, it's little surprise that a growing number of people are turning to us when they need high-grade laminate flooring for their home or commercial premises.