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Laminate Flooring

There is a one stop shop for laminate flooring in the UK and Ireland - our name is Laminate Wooden Flooring! You can rely on us for cheap laminate wood flooring which doesn't compromise on quality, encompassing products from leading manufacturers such as Balterio, Egger, Classen, Kaindl, Kronotex, Sensa and Krono Swiss.

Our rapid direct flooring delivery service covers any location within the UK and Ireland - that includes both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland - and our range is unmatched in its size and variety.

You can make sure you are completely happy before ordering with Laminate Wooden Flooring - that's because we provide a free sample service which delivers up to three different varieties of laminate flooring to your door. You can then try before you buy, assessing the three styles up close before coming to a final choice.

Did you know you can receive free shipping on orders above £399 + VAT as part of our special deal? At Laminate Wooden Flooring it is our pleasure to pass on the benefits of our extensive shipping network for direct wood flooring delivery.


An unmatched range

We believe the Laminate Wooden Flooring collection puts us on a different level to other laminate flooring providers in the UK market. You will find a wide breadth of options which meet a number of stylistic requirements, from the latest contemporary looks, to more classical spaces. Take a look through the Laminate Wooden Flooring range today and find the flooring which is the perfect match for your workspace or home.

Customer first

One of the founding principles of Laminate Wooden Flooring is to provide unrivalled service for our customers. That's why we make sure there is a way you can always reach us with questions and queries. Call us or alternatively feel free to email us and our team of professionals will be happy to help.

Laminate flooring: What are the advantages?

Why are home owners and commercial fitters everywhere coming around to the benefits of installing laminate flooring? Below we run through some of the key benefits which laminate flooring provides.

Budget friendly

Cost is always likely to be an important factor when it comes to installing flooring. For those who place a return on investment above all else, the value provided by cheap laminate flooring will be welcome, and that's because it is typically lower than the price you would pay for carpet, and about 75 per cent less than the usual price for hardwood.


It is not only the price you can get excited about. Because laminate flooring is so durable, it can save you money as time goes on, as it is likely that you won't need to install replacement flooring for a lengthy amount of time. Unlike some types of hardwood, carpet and even marble, it provides resistance against knocks, scrapes and scratches. Additionally, it offers dark laminate flooring which is proven not to succumb to significant fading as a result of sunlight. This is thanks to the plastic wear layer which laminate flooring possesses, in many cases made from melamine and recognised as being especially durable.


The strength of wood laminate flooring should not be underestimated. Studies have revealed that measured per square inch, it can hold up to 1,200 pounds. A core board component is underneath the plastic wear layer which we mentioned above, providing this stability. This is essential in homes which house many furniture items, or indeed commercial spaces with heavy items such as electronics and large working apparatus.

Easy to install

You might be surprised at just how easy it is to install laminate flooring. The simplicity of the operation means laminate flooring is an option for DIYers who want the satisfaction of doing the job. That's because an easy groove system allows the components to click into place, without requiring a special glue or any other accessories - just snap them together.


You can benefit from how well laminate flooring adapts. Due to the fact that you won't have to glue or nail it down, you can combine laminate flooring with many other surfaces, including wood, plywood, and concrete.


Following on neatly from the benefit above is the adaptability of laminate flooring. It's agreeable with many types of sub floors, including concrete, wood or plywood - that's because it doesn't have to be glued or nailed into place.

An alternative to wood

At Laminate Wooden Flooring you will be able to choose from a number of laminate flooring varieties which do a brilliant job of imitating wooden floors - so well that you might not see the difference. These high resolution varieties provide very handy alternatives to more expensive wooden floor of the same appearance.

Wide choice

We think that the collection here at Laminate Wooden Flooring does a good job of representing the sheer variety of laminate flooring styles you are able to choose from. We stock all the popular shades including oak, walnut, grey, black and white. Our range of thicknesses goes from 6mm to 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Our toughness ratings include AC3 Heavy Domestic Use, AC4 Extra Heavy Domestic Use and AC5 Heavy Commercial Use.


You might thank yourself for opting for laminate flooring, which is especially easy to clean. Whether in a busy home or a commercial space, you can clean laminate floors direct with a mop or damp cloth, negating the need for expensive polishes and waxes. So trust laminate flooring to be just as good a surface for dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms as it is for high street stores. It won't suck up moisture like a carpet does, and also is less likely to provide a hiding place for germs. This is highly hygienic material which lends itself to spaces inhabited by those who suffer from allergies.


At Laminate Wooden Flooring we are confident that our products stand the test of time, but if for any reason they suffer significant, irreversible damage, you can be safe in the knowledge that replacing and installing an alternative surface is easy.


Laminate flooring history

In the 1970s, a company called Perstorp from Sweden were recognised as the organisation which invented laminate flooring. They concentrated on promoting laminate flooring through Europe, before turning their attention to the US come the 1990s. Fast forward to today, and Perstorp is still highly regarded as a leading manufacturer in the market.

Another Swedish company, Välinge Aluminium can lay claim to being the first to come up with a variety which could be described as glueless, while another organisation, Unilin of Belgium, also believe that they were the first to invent the material.

Why Laminate Wooden Flooring are number one

In shades of oak, walnut, grey, white and dark wood laminate flooring, and in thicknesses ranging from 6mm all the way up to 12mm, our team is here to guide you in picking the ideal laminate flooring surface for your home or business. Our website lists our most popular products, making it the platform of choice for checking out contemporary styles from Lifestyle Chelsea Country Oak to Solido Vision Bunbury Grey.

Then there's the range of manufacturers who we showcase products for, from Balterio to Egger, Classen, Kaindl, Kronotex, Sensa and Krono Swiss.

Take a closer look

What if you could see the laminate flooring styles you like up close and personal before you buy, without having to leave your own home? That's a reality thanks to the Laminate Wooden Flooring sample service, which delivers to you three chosen samples of laminate flooring direct to your door. You only have to stump up a £5 fee, but once you place an order with us, this sum is refunded entirely, making our sample service completely free of charge. Ensure you have the style and colour you really want with the Laminate Wooden Flooring sample service.

Unmatched knowledge

The team at Laminate Wooden Flooring is second to none at helping customers become familiar with the different products which comprise our collection. They keep their finger on the pulse of the market, tracking the latest product releases and emergent trends, to be able to pass on their expertise to our valued customer base. Our team is also strengthened by the decades of industry experience which it possesses, making them the first port of call for questions on any element of laminate flooring, from varieties to installation and maintenance.

Supplied by the best

We benefit from our supplier network which is characterised by influential brands such as Balterio and Krono Swiss, and our strong relationship with these manufacturers means we can pass on benefits to the Laminate Wooden Flooring customer base. As a result of our long standing partnerships, our team is aware of these products' full technical specification, and can guide buyers towards their ideal choice.

Contact us today

We understand that selecting flooring which is exactly right can be a careful process. If you have any questions for us, call us any time on 0844 567 3236, or you can email the Laminate Wooden Flooring team at