Laminate Flooring or Solid Wood Flooring – What’s the difference?


Which is best, a solid wood floor or a laminate floor?

This is often the first question customers ask when they are considering which type of flooring to lay for their next project. As always, the correct answer will depend on lots of variables. However, there are three factors that most customers should consider when looking for a new floor. Colour, Wear and Price.


Floor Colour

Getting the right shade is very often the first thing people think about when they go looking for new flooring. Laminate flooring is available in many different colours and shades.  From your traditional oak floor to dark Walnut Laminate Flooring, or even Black Laminate Flooring or grey laminate flooring shades are proving really popular at the minute. These alternatives coloured floors, like white laminate flooring, can make a real statement in any space.

Solid wood flooring is available in fewer shades due to the fact it’s a natural product. There is a more limited choice when it comes to colours, walnut is walnut, oak is oak etc. However the natural tones throughout a real wooden floor can be striking.

Floor Wear

Real wood is a natural product which is inherently soft, even so -called ‘hard woods’ are soft when you consider their use as floor coverings. Things like moving furniture, pets and high heels can often damage your solid wooden floor.

Laminate flooring is a product designed for the specific use as a floor covering.  Therefore it can cope easily with everyday wear in both residential and commercial settings. Admittedly it will need replacing long before a good quality real wood floor, but it should certainly cope better with every day use over the first 10-20 years.

Floor Price

Laminate flooring is much cheaper to buy, mainly because of the nature of the product and the fact that quantities available for manufacture are pretty much unlimited. Solid wood on the other hand takes much longer to produce. This is because you must wait for the trees to grow before you can turn it into a floor covering. This difference in supply means that real wood flooring will always be a more expensive, and time consuming product to produce, than laminate flooring.

So once you have taken time to consider, the colour you are after, the area being floored and how much wear and tear it might take, and checked your piggy bank, you will hopefully be in a better position to make the correct choice for you and your lifestyle.

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