Laminate Flooring or Solid Wood Flooring– A closer look at flooring colour

Wood Floor Colour

Choosing the perfect colour is usually the first consideration for many people when looking for a new floor covering.   This is no different when it comes to wooden flooring, it has to compliment the fireplace, skirting and doors, curtains or bedding etc.  So for most, at least initially, what the product is made from is usually not as important as the colour, tone and style it creates in your room.  So how do laminate and real wood flooring compare in regards to colours and tones.

With solid wood being a natural product you will have some really beautiful and always unique tones throughout an entire floor. So if you purchase a good quality solid wooden floor you should have a striking floor covering. However there is a limited number of species when it comes to solid wood products and this can greatly limit your choice of colour. In fact, if you were to remove the oak samples from any retailer’s selection of real wood flooring you wouldn’t be left with much you choose from. Another point is that the colour of the sample pieces may vary to some degree from what’s in the packs, due to the nature of a natural product. This can be a big issue for customers if this hasn’t been explained to them, as it should.

Laminate flooring comes in an almost infinite range of colours and tones. It can be produced in any shade you can imagine. Although, oak shades of laminate flooring have always proved the most popular. This is due to the timeless quality of an oak coloured floor, which doesn’t date with trends, in the same way as light or dark flooring can. Alternatively, if you consider yourself to be a home furnishing trendsetter then laminate flooring will definitely be something which will appeal to you.  With many looking for something a little more quirky or just plain different when it comes to flooring.  Unusual products such as white, grey or black laminate flooring are currently proving very popular, allowing you to put your stamp on a space and can offer a real wow factor. So whatever look you’re after there will be a laminate floor to suit you.

So whether you set out with a preference to purchase either a laminate floor or a solid wood floor, your view may change when you take a closer look into colours. You will find there are enough products out there to confuse most people.  Happy hunting!

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