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Fibreboard Underlay

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  • Fibreboard Underlay

6mm Fibreboard underlay

Product Code: PR01205

Product Description

Our '6mm Fibreboard' is a multi-purpose underlay that's easy to cut and install, removes unevenness in sub-floors and provides excellent thermal insulation. This '6mm Fibreboard' underlay will fit perfectly under laminate flooring.

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Square Metre price: £2.50

Roll Price: £25.00

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Find out how to work out the square metres of your room by clicking here.

This measuring guide is demonstrated using metres. However, it works equally as well for those who are more familiar with feet and inches. Using the same principles as shown below, but using measurements in feet, you will soon discover how many square feet you have to cover.


How to measure square metres of a room


If your room is a rectangular or square shape just measure the length and the breadth of the room. Then multiply them together and there’s your answer!

So for example, if your room is 4.6 metres long and 3.4 metres wide then you just make the following calculation.


how to measure square metres of a room

4.6m X 3.4m = 15.64 Square Metres


The best way to measure other less straight-forward areas, like hallways etc, is to think of them as a collection of squares and measure them as such.

So for example, if your area is a more difficult space to measure, break it down into squares and make the following calculations.


how to measure square metres

Part A:   3.0 X 2.0 = 6.0 square metres

Part B:   3.4 X 1.2 = 4.08 square metres

Then add the two totals together:   6.0 + 4.08 = 10.08 Square Metres


TIP – A person of average height taking an extra-long stride, without being uncomfortable, should cover 1 metre with each step. So, if you are not

fully confident that you have measured your room correctly using the tape measure, as a double check, stride across the room counting how many

steps it takes and compare it with your measurement.

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Square Metre price: £2.50

Roll Price: £25.00

Availability: In stock



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6mm Fibreboard Underlay

Fibreboard underlay is 6mm thick and supplied in packs containing 10 square metres.

At 6mm thick this fibreboard is ideal to remove unevenness in the sub-floor surface and boasts excellent thermal and sound insulating properties as well.  The benefits of include –

-          Excellent impact sound insulation

-          Quality high density underlay

-          Helps to compensate for unevenness in the sub-floor and smoothes surface irregularities

-          Quick and easy to cut and install

This underlay is perfect with any thickness of laminate floor and is suitable for both home and business use. So whatever your need from a laminate floor underlay 6mm Fibreboard will be a great choice.


Wood Shade No
Thickness 6mm
V-Grooved Edge No
Pack Quantity No
Board Length No
Board Width No
Wear Resistance No
Brand No
Residential Warranty No
Roll Length Tile Form
Roll Width Tile Form
Roll Quantity 9m2
For use with underfloor heating No
Underlay Thickness 6mm
  1. Good Underlay Review by Sam

    Good underlay, easy to lay and great for killing noise on upstairs rooms. (Posted on 31/10/2014)

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Unit:10 Sq m / box
Price: 25.00 / box 2.50 / Sq m